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Kelly ([personal profile] iggy) wrote2015-12-18 08:12 am
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This journal is friends only...

Please read the below before asking to be added. If you know me from somewhere else, let me know when you comment. I might not make the connection otherwise.

And here's a little about me that you might want to know before friending me:

1. I do talk a lot about fandom. My main fandoms vary over time, but my interests should give you an idea.

2. Speaking of fandom, I can understand disliking a character now and then, but I really dislike character bashing. If this is something you do often in your journal, we probably won't get along too well.

3. I am tolerant of the beliefs of others, but the posting of queerphobic, sexist, and of course racist sentiments fall under things that I will defriend you for.

5. I do love the cut, so please make sure you're someone who uses it when it's needed.

If you're still interested in friending me, do comment here!

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